Club Newsletter Feb 2019

Published: February 13, 2019

Our AGM has been arranged for Thursday 13th June. Please let David know by the end of April if there is anything you would like to have included in the agenda – particularly any proposals for rule changes.

You may remember that we have been recognising an outstanding contribution (not just success in playing) made to local badminton by a junior member of a club. Let David know if you have a candidate for ‘Junior Player of the Year’.

Just a quick reminder that it was agreed a little while ago that clubs could include a ladies pair in a mens team – so please don’t be surprised if it happens.

Finally – Inter-Club event for NFRBA clubs –

The format is unchanged. Overall it is a round-robin between small squads from each club taking part. Following on previous experience we would like to aim for 12 squads in total which we split into two groups. The event is handicapped so there is no need for final playoffs – the winner is the squad with the best total point result. The winner last year was The Kings.

Any club can enter – and we also had an under-19 squad in an earlier year so some sort of mixed group would be OK. Some clubs enter more than one squad. With groups of 6 squads, each squad will play 5 matches. Each match consists of 1 mens, 1 ladies and 2 mixed doubles games so the minimum team is 2 ladies and 2 men with every player playing twice. At the other extreme you could have 8 players in a match with every one of them playing just once – and any other combination in between. The players in each match might be the same (so that squad could be the minimum of 2 ladies and 2 men) or you might choose to have a larger squad to give more people a game or to cover for injury or early departure.

The event is booked for Saturday 11th May in Westgate and play is likely to last between 10.00am and 5.00pm (though the end time isn’t guaranteed). We expect that the entry fee this year will be around the same as last year - £8 per senior player (which isn’t bad for around 6 hours of play); juniors £4.00.

As last year each individual player will be given their own points handicap. The team handicaps in each match use the totals for the players as adjusted using the standard formula. In order for us to work out the handicaps we will need to know who your club players are going to be and their standard of play – but that’s for later.

So – we would like to know now please – by end-March

• Is your club entering the event this year?

• If so – how many squads would you expect to enter?

Later we will be asking for a list of the likely players in order of strength so we can allocate handicaps.